Red Carpet Facial

A complete and thorough facial designed to deep cleanse, hydrate, and balance the skin. This relaxing treatment includes an analysis of the skin, application of essential oil blends, exfoliation, steam, and completed with a choice of masque.  Begins with a back massage and ends with a foot reflexology.                                                             155.


Black Tie Facial

This luxurious treatment for fatigued skin offers a quick yet indulgent boost for that special occasion. This unique facial includes a thorough cleansing, light extraction, a specially formulated oxygen masque and a 24-karat-gold eye treatment. Perfect for that ritzy black tie affair or a spontaneous night on the town.                                                                   215.


GlycoBlend Facial

A synergistic blend of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids for a comprehensive turnover of cells.  An oxygen infused mask completes this facial to provide deep hydration and a brilliant glow.                                           220.


Basic Facial

The basic facial concentrates mainly on the face and is shorter than the Red Carpet facial. It is designed to leave the skin cleansed, hydrated, and rebalanced.                                                                                                   110.


Acne Treatment

This facial is designed for teenagers and those experiencing acne.  Includes the application of glycolic exfoliator, followed by a customized mask, addressing breakouts and oiliness aiming to rebalance skin.                                                         155.


For Your Eyes Only

As a great pairing with a facial, or as a stand-alone treatment, silk protein based 24 karat gold anti-oxidant serum is worked in the delicate skin around the eyes with a digito-pressure massage to soothe tired skin, calm puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles.                                                          40.

Glycolic Rapid Exfoliator

A highly concentrated gel which exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of cells in the lower levels of the skin to reduce fine lines, leaving the skin with a fresh look.  Recommended as a series and/or combined with a facial for maximum benefit.

                                       Single treatment              70.

                                       w/ facial                                65.

                                       Series of six                          375.


Back Facial

An exfoliating, hydrating, and cleansing treatment for the back.                                                                  110.

w/ glycolic acid exfoliator                                 160.


Also known as zone therapy, uses pressure

points on the feet to stimulate energy in corresponding organs, and reduce tension.  

Forty-five minute treatment.                  95.    


Exfoliating Body Scrub

Loosens and removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft, supple, and radiant.                           70. 

*Followed by self tanner                           115.



A new high tech hydradermabrasion/Aquapeel treatment using serums & H2O to smooth, exfoliate, refine pores, increase collagen, hydration & lymphatic drainage, treat acne, hyperpigmentation and puffiness around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types & No downtime.                                                          165  

Add Decollete & A Peel                               +45.


Organic Airbrush Tanning 

A smooth application of organic self tanner, evenly airbrushed on the skin, gives a glowing tan. 


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting


Eyelash                                                                  42.

Eyebrow                                                                22.

Eyelash and Eyebrow                                     60.


Depilatory Treatments


French green wax, containing azulene as a soothing agent, is used for removing unwanted hair. This stripless wax is very gentle on the skin, ideal for sensitive areas, and causes less discomfort than other waxing methods.


Full Leg                                             77.

Upper Leg                                          46.

Lower Leg                                         43.

Bikini                                       from 38.

Full  Leg and Bikini                     114.

Underarm                                        30.

Abdomen                                           16.

Arms                                                    46.

Half arm                                           43.

Back                                                    65.

Eyebrows                                          27.

Lip                                                         16.

Chin                                                    16.

Side of face (Sideburns)             16.

Full Face                                           70.



*All prices include sales tax